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Have you ever moved Errática...?

Have you ever...

moved wildly to the beat of your own rhythms, without hesitation nor judgement?

Have you ever...

listened to you deepest truths & secrets without feeling scared or ashamed?

Have you ever... ever.... ever...

faced your most vulnerable self and held it tenderly without fear?

If you have not...

What are you waiting for??

White font over pastel pink background reads: holding herself, she survives the abyss.
Instagram post Errática

Between 2016-2017, I had a transformative spiritual journey while traveling abroad. Pulled in to my inner depths, to the waters of my soul, I faced my own shadows and visited places that I did not know even existed. I attuned more with my intuition and the certainty sprouted in me: Our bodies already know how to heal. Since then, I have been cultivating the wisdom of my body, my own deep inner wisdom, the ancient knowings of my ancestors that lives in my physical and spiritual bodies. Today, love, boundless love, has become my anthem. A love that is anchored in the interconnectedness and interdependence of our existence.

Errática was born out of that spiritual journey;

"Written in-between island or almotsilands sown in the sea (2016-2017),

Errática emerged from striking experiences: full moons on empty beaches,

late night walks alone, silent sunrises, after-dinner untranslatable conversations,

furtive passions, vivid dreams, inert bodies, ruinsrituals, shoredances,

prowling death, restlessness, dislocations, inevitable farewells,

and hours oscillating over water or flying among clouds."

My inner waters stirred me wildly and I decided to dance to my own erratic rhythms

loving myself through every single step, leap, swirl,

shake, scream, brush,

swing, turn, roll, slide,

and fall.

Two years later, Errática became a hand made limited edition -unbound- Artist's book and most recently, an E-Book. It is available on a sliding scale between $15-25(USD).

Are you ready to Move Errática with me!?

may you be filled with endless love,


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