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...the beginning

Updated: May 25, 2020

this is not the beginning of my journey,       but it’s indeed a new beginning.                      every instant is, isn’t?

If I dare to track the very very beginning I might get lost;                             once upon a time, I was here=NYC and I left. I came back and I left, again and again and again and… so the story “flows”. Last year I ‘waved’ myself goodbye.            -fought the city like a tight dress crushing my lungs-.            -out of I flew out-. Now I am here, again…      Is there another tale to be told? “Pause. Re-Play”, -she said last night.      Is there another wave in? “I’d like to tryseeing”- I say today. -I might fit anotherdress                catch anotherbreath                 find anotherspace- -, Or not- again and again and again and again.

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