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My unique approach.

I make works that challenge -my own personal- boundaries, the uses of space, and enable visceral connections. Through movement improvisation, instant devising, ritual performance, video art, and creative writing I craft worlds for us to coexist and interact. You will most likely stumble upon me rolling on the grass of a park, zigzagging streets, laying down on the sidewalk, dancing at a bus stop, shaking in living rooms, or running around empty buildings; places where passers can move along with me, engage, ask, help, or just contemplate. My creative endeavors have been presented in the Dominican Republic, Athens, various cities in Mexico, New York City, Edinburgh, Puerto Rico, and Cyprus. I have also danced for -and collaborated with- artists such as Pramila Vasudevan, Antonio Ramos & The Gang Bangers, iele paloumpis, and Jill Sigman. 



Versatility, lyricism, fluidity, and precision are characteristics of my writing. Oscillating through topics like fashion, well-being, electronic payments, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and economics I have reached out to a variety of audiences. Within the Marketing field, I have worked developing branding campaigns, strategizing and creating digital content, and managing social media platforms and advertisements. Other experiences include writing business proposals and job policy manuals, reviewing papers for publications, transcribing interviews, and translating creative and academic texts -Spanish/ English-. “I am in my element” when I create questionnaires, carry on interviews, generate ideas, synthesize information, identify needs, allocate and coordinate resources, and develop assessment tools of information and structures.  


I have a strong background in diverse research methodologies that navigate the spectrum of sociology, anthropology, historiography, ethnography, and art. Integrating creative tools to investigate subjects/ experiences, and developing strategies to socialize outcomes are part of my distinctive approach. I have worked as a research assistant within academic settings, provided support to students during the development of their thesis/ dissertations, and accompanied artists in their art-making processes. Formulating questions, creating strategies to collect and evaluate data, synthesizing information, while overseeing the integral logic of the research narrative and structure is what I do best. 



Certified in Hatha Yoga (200-RYT), Yin Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga, my practice is informed by contemporary dance, active imagination, Mindfulness meditation, Reiki Jin Kei Do, Qi Gong, Authentic Movement, and Laban/ Baternieff Fundamentals. My teaching is accessible to all bodies, full of vivid imagery, aromatic stimulus, visual demonstration, articulate explanations, and inclusive language. I aim to honor the diversity of learning preferences (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, etc.), to enable our awareness and movement efficiency. I am fascinated by the intricacies and habits of each individual’s moving journey; a process where trust will allow the body to unfold its own knowledge. Through breath and self-compassion we will discover our ever-changing needs and capacities.


REIKI JIN KEI DO   Healing Therapy
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on the teachings of Mikao Usui. I am a second-degree certified Reiki Jin Kei Do practitioner. This lineage, held by Dr. Ranga J. Premaratna, Ph.D., emerged when nurtured by an ancient meditation and healing system called Buddho (currently known as The EnerSense System of Healing). The practice of compassion and the cultivation of wisdom are at the core of the Jin Kei Do lineage. The therapy enables an overall well-being, reduces stress, prompts relaxation and peace by connecting to the diverse energetic vortices of the receiver. The treatment lasts approximately 45-70 minutes and can take place in person in the NYC area or remotely through a video-phone call. 

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