Each creative endeavor is unique.
We can discuss your interests and customize services as needed.
 Spanish or English. 




What I can do for you.


• Creative Consulting 

• Coordination & Production

• Administration


• Copywriting & Content for Social Media

• Non-Fiction

• Proposals 

• Research & Academic Papers 


• Consulting & Support 

• Mind Mapping

• Evaluations & Assessment Tools

• Creative Displays

• Formal Presentations 



YOGA (Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Prenatal)

• Injury Prevention Focus

• Private Online Sessions

• Signature Workshops

REIKI JIN KEI DO (in person or remote) 

Relaxation/ Pain/ Body Discomforts/ Injuries 

• First Session: 120 minutes 

• Follow up Sessions: 60 minutes 
• Quick Session: 35- 45 minutes 


I am grateful for the amazing people that

accompany me in my creative journeys!!!


This site is possible thanks to the talent of: 

Gabriel Rubiñán (Photography)

Adlin Rodríguez (Web Design)

Roxana Ronda Ramírez  (Digital Marketing)
Marielys Burgos Meléndez (Concept and Copy-write)


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